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WBI is a global collaborative project for connecting

people back to themselves, nature, and one another.


Our NPO is offering an alternative nature therapy approach for improving mental and bodily health, by increasing access and usage of South Africa's many wild spaces.

Logo for the Water Bodies Initiative. Minimalist line drawing and iconography showing two brown bodies lying down in between a blue sea in the foreground and a pine green mountain in the background. The mountain takes the shape of Table Mountain in Cape Town South Africa. The bodies are smiling at the sky which is a bright yellow. There is a pastel pink sun behind the mountain.




Healing in Community: with nature as our catalyst for care

Together with health and sport professionals, scientific researchers, and intersectional environmental activists, we’re offering nature-immersion programmes with activities like hiking, snorkelling, rock-climbing, and birding, coupled with the latest findings of neuropsychology to facilitate placemaking and homecoming. Not just for South Africans, but the entire diaspora.

We want to heal our globalised society from individual and collective  generational trauma inflicted by displacement, whether it's been caused by
apartheid, colonization, slavery, or current ongoing conflicts.

protest fists appearing up and out of plants, holding a sterlizia, protea, and kingfisher.

We're using South Africa's
nature spaces to facilitate 

homecoming and reconciliation.


Healing the living world from within
SDG logo MIX.png

While facing the climate crisis requires transformation of global systems and their interrelations, we won't be able to fully realise a transformation without reflecting on the interpersonal relationship we have with ourselves. Particularly so, for individuals and societies who embody traumatic histories and present day oppression.

Using the IDG framework as a launch pad, we're retrofitting individual-focused western psychology with a more southern ethos. We're creating a cultural and nature immersion programme (that can be combined with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to re-center and ground individuals into a living community, both human and wild.

By working in nature, and with nature, to heal collective and individual trauma, and its impacts on our bodies, we'll be able to better mediate the rapidly changing demands of our internal and external ecosystems, allowing us to live transformed, purposeful, and sustainable lives.

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